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Sina - Good Wolf Dog and Friend

This family's best friend

I am 4 months old.
My mother was Grey Wolf, and my dad was Australian Shepherd.

Sina Wolf

What? I am smiling man....

Sina Wolf Smiling Good Dog

Don't Like this collar

Sina Wolf Don't Like This Good Collar

We have 2 dogs and always have for the past 8 1/2 years. Dog Sina, a black wolf, is 10 years old. My husband had him before we even met. I brought in my dog, a german shepherd... who was older... and has since passed away. I got a new dog back in January, Zeus, siberian husky/german shepherd mix. Wonderful dog. The problem is with good wolf dog Sina. From day one of my coming around, he would occassionally growl and had bitten me, but not hard enough to do any damage. I warned my husband that he needed to be nuedered back then. But he wouldn't have it. Both my dogs were/are neutered. So now years have gone by without any incident. I came to fully trust the dog and marked what had happened in the past as him not knowing me. My mistake. Early this morning I almost lost 2 fingers on my right hand to good wolf dog Sina. For no apparent reason. He was outside... I called for him, he didn't respond. So I went and took him by the collar. He led into me. Even after I released is collar he went after my hand. I was bleeding badly. I ran inside and woke my husband and told him of what happened. I was in shock. Just not expecting it mostly. But I was bleeding pretty badly, so I held my hand under cold water for a while then poured poroxide on it. My husband went and got good wolf dog Sina from outside while I cleaned my hand up. Good wolf dog Sina even snarled at him. My husband asked me if I needed or wanted to go to the hospital, I said no. I told him because if I did, that would be it for that good wolf dog Sina. My husband is saying this is probably the end of the road for him any how. I have begged him not to put the good dog down. For some reason, I still pretty much trust the dog. And I don't believe in putting a dog down for such a petty reason. See, about a month ago our neighbors got a new dog. A female golden retriever. Beautiful dog. However, I figured it might create problems with my good wolf dog Sina. And it has. Now my husband has brought up every reason under the sun as to why it might have happened including my just taking the dog by the collar. I don't find it unusual to take a dog by the collar. But, for whatever reason... my husband sees it as part of the problem. He also sees my dog Zeus as part of the problem. Personally, I just think it's a hormone thing with the female dog next door, I have no idea if she is spayed. But my husband is wondering if something is just wrong, medically, with good wolf dog Sina that would make him do this. I dunno. I advised him to look on the net. My fingers are bandaged and neosporined, Good Dog Sina is under my husband's desk. I don't, however, think I'll be going and getting from the yard any more. I also might add that I've had good dogs all my life, all kinds. And I've been around all kinds and such... I've never been aggressively bitten before by any other dog. So, this good wolf dog and friend comes as a big surprise to me.

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