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Devoted Ol' Tigg by Tamara

In a small, quiet town

where tumble weeds blow,

an’ everyone knows ya

wherever ya go…

There was an’ old hermit—

his dog, Tigg, by his side,

who bothered no one

just trapped beaver hide.

They came an’ they went

for supplies—grub ‘n such,

wandered the streets,

an’ didn’t talk much.

That dog was so faithful—

he ne’r missed a step

as back to their shack

the old man an’ he crept.

Old Man's Shack

This went on for years,

an’ folks let them be—

his ways not their business,

just a loner, you see.

But one day came word,

the old man passed away,

so the small town decided

to give him his day.

They took up a collection—

bought a casket, a grave,

an’ gave him a send-off

with memories they’d save.

But the thing that was strange—

no one could believe;

the death of his master

Tigg could not conceive.

He’d come into town

for scraps everyday

the butcher put out,

then he’d slow limp away.

Back to the man’s grave—

his last resting place,

for Tigg was convinced,

he’d soon see his face.

Cemetary View  for Tigg

The dog died at that grave—

he’s with his master forever.

Totally devoted—

a bond he’d not sever.

Tamara Hillman


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