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Montana Corgi Dogs

Corky the Montana Corgi at Attention

I was looking for a Montana Corgi dog. So I did my search with Google, for Montana Corgi. The only Montana Corgi dogs listed was this one called Shadowalk, located about 20 miles south of Missoula, Montana.

And now for my sad Montana Corgi story. I Got this Montana Corgi dog from Susan & Don Lassila at Shadowalk puppy mill, in the Bitterroot Valley, in Montana.

First let me tell you the Corgi dog part that you came here for.

1. Never get any puppy corgi dog that has been attacked by other dogs.

2. Never get any Montana corgi from a place where the dog has not been allowed to play in a clean play area everyday.

3. Never get a corgi dog that, even after a bath, still smells like doggie poop.

4. Never get a good Montana Corgi dog from any puppy mill.

5. Never get any corgi where the price is sky high.

6. Never get a Montana Corgi dog that is totally scared of anything in your hand. When I got this Montana Corgi, this friendly dog would be totally scared of anything in your hands. Same with moving your feet towards her, totally freaked out scared doggie.

Shadowalk puppy mill sold me a Montana Corgi that was "Attacked", "Stunk to High Heaven", "Was Locked in a 6' X 8' Dirty Fenced Spot by Day", "A Small Dog Crate by Night", "And Has a Bad Front Leg Due to the Attack". What was I thinking?

I really wanted a good Montana Corgi.

     After a few days of having my Montana Corgi dog, I was sure this dog had a limp in her front let. This Corgi was in pain. It's not pleasant to watch any animal in pain. I told Susan the dog has a limp and is in pain. I said I would keep an eye on it and she (Susan Lassila) agreed. The limp continued and was notably getting worse. After about 3 weeks of having the dog, I told Susan I wanted to return the dog. They said yes, but I would not give any money back. I paid $600.00 for this Corgi. So I took the dog to the Vet. The Vet tells me, that due to most likely trauma, "Like a Dog Attack" one of the bones in the front let has stopped growing. The adjacent bone is still growing, causing the leg to be twisted. The Vet says that an operation may help the Montana corgi's leg, and the cost would be $1000.00.

Now I tell Susan about the Vet's diagnosis. Then they finally agree to take the dog back and give me a partial refund of $400.00. Susan sites, that because of my delay of getting this corgi to the Vet, "The Cost Will Be Increased". So I'm out $125.00 for the Vet and $200.00 for the dog. Also note that I had to drive 300 miles, TWICE, for this defective Montana corgi dog.

I have let Susan at Shadowalk know that I don't agree with the partial refund. Susan & Don Lassila at Shadowalk still owe me at least my full refund. And perhaps they owe me the Vet bill also (You Decide).
So let you be warned, Don and Susan Lassila still owe me for, (with a tear) that sweet Montana Corgi named Corky. See my Montana Corgi and her twisted leg above.

Good Montana Corgi Dogs

Good Montana Corgi dog breeders always have the dog's welfare first. Like any good breeder, first they take care of their dogs.

The very best place to get a healthy and clean dog or cat in Northwest Montana.

Flower Line

More About Northwest Montana Humane Society

Our Mission Statement – To promote compassionate care, perpetuate the bond between animals and humans and end the destruction of healthy adoptable pets so that every animal finds a loving home.

Who We Are At Montana Humane Society

On behalf of the orphaned animals that we serve, thank you for the opportunity to acquaint you with our life saving organization.

Located between two of the fastest growing cities in Montana, Whitefish and Kalispell, the Humane Society of Northwest Montana is home of the Charlotte Edkins Animal Adoption Center.

Our facility which opened its doors to the general public on July 1, 2004 sits on fourteen acres and it is built in the shape of a horseshoe. Our original architectural design resembled a rectangle and was approximately 10,000 square feet in size. Due to budget constraints at the time of construction however, we had to sacrifice the amount of kennel space for dogs and decrease overall dimensions. After completion of our cost-cutting concessions of approximately 3,000 square feet in the final build-out, the result was 39 kennels for cats and 17 kennels for dogs.

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Humane Society of Northwest Montana

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