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Mocka the Mutt Watch Me Grow

~Mocka the Mutt - Dog Name~
This family's new best friend.

The first decision you have to make is; Do you really have to have a pure bred? You might want to make a trip out to the Humane Society to see if a mixed breed is really what you are looking for. There are advantages and disadvantages to adopting a mixed breed and the Humane Society will do it’s best to help you if you decide to adopt one of their dogs.

I am 3 months old.
My mother was Blue Heeler, and my dad, well I don't know who my dad is.

Mocha Mutt first retrieval

Work is never done!!!

Yes, I can even sit (for a goodie).

Yes, I can even sit, (for a cookie).

I was adopted from the Humane Society of Northwest Montana, which is home of the Charlotte Edkins Animal Adoption Center. The center is located between two of the fastest growing cities in Montana, Whitefish and Kalispell.
This facility, which opened its doors to the general public on July 1, 2004, sits on fourteen acres and is built in the shape of a horseshoe. After completion of their cost-cutting concessions of approximately 3,000 square feet in the final build-out, the result was 39 kennels for cats and 17 kennels for dogs. That left lots of room outside for a big play yard where I was allowed to go and play just about every day.

Watch My Video Below.

Well I'm over a year old now and things are changing fast.
I got my first hair cut and I think I'm looking pretty sharp.
Friends come over to play now and I can hold my own with the big dogs.

Mocka before the hair cut.

Looking pretty dapper with all my hair.

Mocka and Ruby playing in the Yard.

Feeling cool and refreshed ready for a romp.

Chasing deer and turkeys,
is right up my alley.
If I had to choose a home,
There is no better place in the valley.

I love to play
with the chickens in my yard.
Working on this farm
Just isn't that hard.

See DeerLake Video to watch my Chicken Movie

Growing up and growing wiser. Not at all sure that swimming is going to be my thing.
I know a lot of the other dogs like this activity, but I think just give me a frizbie and let me run.

Charlotte Edkins Animal Adoption Center community service programs are designed to reach students and adults in Montana's Flathead Valley and include an Educational Outreach Program, Pet Food Assistance Program, Injured Animal Fund, and Microchip Clinics. Through their Educational Outreach Program, they educate hundreds of elementary and middle school students annually on the topics of animal welfare and animal safety. In conjunction with area retailers and the Flathead Food Bank, they distribute pet food to families in need and to local animal rescue groups. Their Injured Animal Fund helps pay emergency veterinary care expenses for pet owners who may not otherwise be able to seek medical treatment for their pet. To help pet owners permanently identify their pets, they also offer low-cost microchip clinics to the general public.

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