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When Katrina Came His Way Title

When Katrina Came His Way

I was lounging in my bed,

Chewing on a rawhide bone,

When I was rudely interrupted,

By the ringing of the phone.

Good Morning Katrina Dogs

It was my cousin, Elmo,

Calling to say he was okay.

And then he began to tell me,

What happened when Katrina came his way.

It was a terrible story

Of wind and rain and lightning,

And of good old Elmo,

Who found it all very frightening.

He said he lost his home,

and his owners too

His world seemed all turned upside down,

And he didn’t know what to do.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse,

The water began to rise

It scared him something awful,

And he was certain he would meet his demise.

He said it was such an awful feeling,

Being so frightened, and alone in the dark.

But then he remembered the story of Noah,

And wondered if God would send an ark.

When Katrin Firefighter Came His Way

He told me he went for three days

Without a single thing to eat

He cried and cried for his owner,

But was met only by defeat.

On the fourth day he heard the sound,

Of a motor coming his way

It turned out to be a modern day Noah,

And he rescued Elmo that day.

His grateful heart overflowing,

With relief, joy and love

He then told me about his rescuer

Who he believes was sent from above.

When Katrina came his way, by Justa Mutt.

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When Katrina Came His Way
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