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Eye Of The Dog by Tamara Hillman

I’ve heard a—“In a Pig’s Eye,”
an’ the eye of a Tornado
the eye of a needle, a bull’s eye,
an’ eye of a potato…

But did ya ever really look
into your dog’s two eyes?
I’m thinkin’ that ya shoulda
‘cause you’re in for a surprise.

Rainy and Ruby Taking a Nap

That creature’s fulla knowledge
that comes from way back when—
instincts of his true nature
inbred thru’ all his kin.

He’s thinkin’ while he watches
to learn your every move,
an’ is quicker than a bullet
when nippin’ at a hoove.

He knows which way a mean ol’ steer
is hankerin’ to go,
an’ gets there way before he does
‘cause cattle brains is slow.

He’ll run himself half to death
to prove what he can do,
an’ wait for you to order him
in skills he’s tried ‘n true.

Rainy and Ruby Taking a Walk

He don’t object to weather
be it rain, or wind an’ snow.
That dern dog will foller you
no matter where ya go.

Those eyes of his are keen—
they spot trouble miles away.
Before I get an inklin’,
or whiny from my Bay.

An’ when the work of day is done,
he nestles next to me—
sittin’ on the front porch
just calm as he can be.

Unspoken words pass between
these two pardners then,
as he looks at me with them two eyes—
on my knee he rests his chin.

Ruby Eye of The Dog

I pet his head, an’ smooth his ears
like groomin’ him for church
‘cause that dog’s eyes are promisin’,
he’ll not leave me in the lurch.

For in those eyes is true love—
devotion from the heart,
an’ I, for one, know for sure,
we were meant to never part.

Ruby and Rainy Swimming
Tamara Hillman


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