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Easter Puppies, Bunnys and Chicks

Easter Eggs for Puppies, Bunnys and Chicks

Me and my dog (she's a beagle hound)
Started out the morning by scouting around.
We hid the eggs where they'd least be found.
When the kids got up, they'd be outside bound.

The first got up at half past eight
While the other two were still in dream state.
Figured they'd not wake till it was late.
So I'd get a nap, well that sealed my fate.

Dixie whined hard to be let out,
And the little one obliged, without a doubt,
And while I slept, that hound ran about.
I was snug in bed with the covers taut.

I awoke to the most disappointed of moans
As the two who had slept had started to groan
At the sight of the hound, Easter hunting alone.
Guess she decided to have an egg hunt of her own.

She had gingerly piled the eggs and treats
In a stack at the early bird little one's feet.
At first I thought gee, that sight is sweet!
She had gathered the eggs without missing a beat.

After all of the eggs were back inside
I felt an enormous sense of pride
That my dog had hunted both far and wide
For the Easter surprises we both did hide.

Till a tiny voice retorted from out of the blue
That the dog had cheated, and it was true.
Cause after we hid them, that hound dog knew.
I guess she just wanted an Easter hunt too.


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