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Hangin Out Shep Dog

Three dogs sat on the sidewalk
outside the butcher shop
Don't know their dog names.
With drooling mouths and pleading eyes,
but no one slowed or stopped.

Wanting for them butchered goods
they lounged there in the street.
They got their share of hostile stares
but not a shread of meat.

"I can't handle this," the town dog said,
"I'm gonna slip inside,
And steal a steak and eat it
'til my hunger's satisfied."

The ranch dog said, "You go ahead
and burgle, swipe or steal,
But rustlin' goes again' The Code,
Not even for a meal.

My credit's good down at the bank.
I got some equity.
I'll get a loan. I'll go in hock
to pay the butcher's fee."

The town dog and the ranch dog said,
"What you gonna do?"
To the third one of their trio,
a farm dog named Old Blue

Now Blue ain't gonna steal,
And he ain't about to borrow
'Cause either way, you just might pay
The piper come tomorrow.

If yer lookin'fer a handout,
here's a trick that works plumb fine
Be patient and look downhearted
but most important: whine.

Three Dogs Hangin Out

Cute Dog Hangin

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