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Dog Named Finnegan


One of the very best dog names that you appear to have overlooked, has got to be Finnegan.
Finnegan was a beautiful and faithful terrier cross (Glen of Imaal ??) who found and adopted my family at our local shelter and loved us unconditionally for 15 years. Finnegan must have been treated badly by his previous family, because he was too frightened to come onto the back porch of his new home and had to be carried into the house and reassured with lots of pats and hugs and treats and kind words that it was OK to be inside his new home.
Finnegan passed away a year ago, approximately a year after his pound-puppy brother, Quincey (beagle cross). Quincey also adopted us the moment he met Finnegan and his family. Even though he loved us all, Mom was Quincey's favorite for 14 short years. Quincey and Mom loved each other always, staying by each others sides and comforting each other through their numerous perations, his cancer treatments and the miracle of his full recovery from the paralysis of his back legs.

Quincey the Beagle Cross Puppy

Brother Bailey was their companion and pack member for about 8 years until he moved away. He adopted our daughter at the pound and was immediately one of the family. Bailey moved to Boston for a year and a half and then came back home to his brothers for a few months while his Mom (our daughter) and new Dad moved to Portland, Oregon and got set up in new jobs and new home.Miniature Weiner puppy pal
Bailey has also had to deal with cancer and other health issues and we heard last night that he is succumbing to his 15 puppy years. God has told everyone not to worry and be too sad because Quincey's and Finnegan's tails are wagging and they are waiting to show their brother around Heaven. Their little brother Nelson (miniature Weiner) joined the family 13 years ago when he was so small that he could sit in a coffee mug. Nelson misses his brothers terribly, but says that he is too busy taking care of Mom and Dad and those 2 cats and those 2 boys (when they come home to visit), to be making plans on joining the rest of the pack in Heaven, any time soon.
The Boys - and a dog named finnegan
We can sit and tell stories for hours about how this pack of loveable dogs became a vital part of our family and how they enriched our lives with their presence and memories, and broke our hearts with their departure.

Peace of God, Adam

Photo of Finnegan, Nelson and Quincey, napping after Thanksgiving - Regards and peace of the Lord

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