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Bud and the Stud

  Bud and The Stud

There once was a dog named Bud,
Whose owner was a handsome stud
Bud and the stud played all day and night
Friends and companions,those two, they were tight

(Until the stud got a box with a cow on it)
Stud's Gateway Box

Bud looked at the box and wanted to play
While the stud looked at him and told him to stay
Bud nodded his head and lay on the floor
and wondered why the stud didn't want to play any more

(The box was opened with the cow on it)

Stud on the computerOh Bud got sad when the nights got late
that cow became something he began to hate
It took away his friend, the handsome stud,
and turned him into a lonely little Bud.

(The box was empty with the cow on it)
Stud's Gateway Box

One day he sat at the door faithful and sad
He decided it was time that he got mad
So he lifted his leg way high in the sky
and this little action, sure made sparks fly

Then he chewed up the mouse
and all was quiet in their little house

(And Bud was happy, free of the cow)

Bud and the Stud DogStud's Gateway Box

When the stud came home and saw his computer in pieces
He realized he had broken his dogs heart to pieces

So he put the cow in the box and put it away
And decided to take Bud and go out to play

( Bud and the stud are friends once again )
Stud's Gateway Box

So there once was a dog named Bud
Whose owner was a handsome stud
Bud and the stud played all day and all night
Friends and companions, those two, they were tight

( Bud and the stud lived happily ever after )
Stud's Gateway Box


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